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Campsites in the Loire

A campsite in the Loire is the perfect destination for a camping holiday. This region of north-western France offers a fine mix of culture, history and nature, and whether it's the innumerable castles, 
the story of Joan of Arc or the River Loire and its outstanding scenery, a campsite in the Loire region 
is a guarantee of a great family holiday. 

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Real adventure in the Loire's castles and towns

To camp is to embark on an adventure, and the Loire's wealth of castles are certain to delight adults and children alike. All of the region's towns boast their very own castle or fortress, the largest of which is in Chambord, near to Blois. The Sun King, Louis XIV, occupied the grandest of the castle's rooms, but the other 439 rooms are just as breath-taking. The Loire's many castles are striking 
examples of a rich history and of times long since passed. 

The equestrian statue of Joan of Arc in Orléans is well worth a visit if you fancy a day out during your holiday. Blois itself is home to a castle and a number of medieval streets, while a little farther to the west you will find the town of Saumur. A true gem, the town offers a variety of museums to explore, as well as a hilltop castle with stunning views of the River Loire. Saumur is also home to 'Troglodytes', caves carved into the rocks and previously inhabited by the poor. A campsite in the Loire region offers you and your family the very best of north-western France.

Campsites in the South of France

France has long been the most popular holiday destination, especially amongst campers, and the South of France would certainly be a great choice! It enjoys a sunny climate, varied landscape and a wide selection of outstanding campsites. From small, intimate campsites where you can camp in the very heart of the countryside at very little cost, to much larger campsites boasting a variety of amenities, including swimming pools and an entertainment team to keep the children occupied. Whether you prefer a mobile home or the freedom of a motorhome, caravan or tent, the South of France offers a camping holiday to suit every taste!

Tips for excursions

•    The Atlantic coast
•    The Pyrenees
•    The Mediterranean
•    The Côte d'Azur

The coast 

Sun seekers have a choice between the Atlantic coast in the south-west and the beaches of the Mediterranean in the south-east, where water sports are very much the order of the day. The area also offers cycling and hiking, while campsites also provide a range of sporting activities for campers. 

With a motorhome or caravan you can easily travel from one coast to the other, and take in the Pyrenees en route. A more northerly route is also an option, perhaps passing through some of the region's towns or the vast sunflower and lavender fields of the Provence region. For a more luxurious destination, the Côte d’Azur boasts a number of coastal campsites, and with its Mediterranean climate, it is also the perfect destination for a camping holiday. With such a favourable climate, it's no surprise that wine-making has become such a valuable industry in the South of France, especially in Provence, the Rhône Valley and Languedoc-Roussillon.

Towns and cities in the South of France

The region is rich in cultural and historical towns, with a wealth of sights and activities and, of course, shopping, delightful bars and restaurants. Towns and cities that are worth a visit include Toulouse, Perpignan, Montpellier, Marseille, Nice and Cannes, where you can explore sights such as castles, palaces, forts, gardens and parks, town halls and museums. So why not split your holiday in two, and spend a day relaxing followed by a day out?

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